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I have been posting a lot digital photographs recently. There have been so many “digigraphs” of late that I have decided to set up a second web site LessBeauty // MoreBrains. The stream started when I joined Instagram, and while I liked the various quirky Polaroid-like frames they offer, it feels less like a way of creating interesting images, and more like a way of connecting with people, a sort of visual Twitter.

I know it’s obvious but it took me a while to clock that. For me Instagram didn’t really become interesting until I started using Hipstamatic.

Hipstamatic is a digital photography application that shoots square photographs, perfect for posting on Instagram. It also offers a number of software filters to make the image look as though they were taken with an antique film camera. The filters are added in the form of interchangeable lenses and films that can be used in combination to give different photographic qualities to your shot. What can I say it appeals to the geek in me.

At present I like to combine Hipstamatic’s US176 and BlacKey films with a John S. or Lucifer VI lens, but there are a dozen more lenses and films I haven’t even tried yet.

Shortly after discovering Hipstamatic I also came across the idea of app stacking, putting a digigraph through several apps to generate a plethora of interesting results. The example above “Spider” was created by stacking an image taken in Hipstamatic through FrameMagic. I then layered the two images I produced in Blender with a background created in SketchTime. Finally I posted the stacked image on Insagram using the Toaster frame.

I’m not entirely sure what these digigraphs are, other than to say they’re sketches for something as yet to be defined. Instead of posting digigraphs here, all of my digigraph efforts will take up space on LessBeauty // MoreBrains.


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