By luck or design you have landed at my place on the internet.

// Scrapbook takes you to a diary of sorts. More often than not I use it as a sounding board. A place to work through and understand an idea. Sometimes it’s me grappling with the intricacies of the screenplay I’m currently trying to break. Often it’s just me unloading a thought or checking in an interest.

// MoreBrains takes you to LessBeauty // MoreBrains home to an ongoing stream of digigraphs. This feed has evolved from the images of “found objects” and “digigraph montages” that were the subject of early posts, into the “street photographs” that are now the main focus of my interest.

// MoreBrains² takes you to LessBeauty // MoreBrains² home to the various images and objects I have the urge to produce from time to time. By design it will be more experimental, as eclectic as the subjects that interest and inspire me.