By luck or design you have landed at my place on the internet.

// Journal takes you to a diary. Sometimes it is a simple update on recent activity. More often than not I use it as a sounding board; a place to work through the ideas associated with whatever screenplay I’m grappling with. My journey to becoming a writer has been circuitous. It began in the bubble of pure creativity that is fine art. After a brief foray in post-production I crossed the divide and began my trek up through the ranks of production, refining my skills while working for a host of production companies in the independent sector. I finally took the helm shooting and directing several hours of documentary/reality programmes broadcast on Channel 4 and ITV. Creatively frustrated I then took the decision to put the factual on hold and start writing. Since them I have written three feature length screenplays, several shorts and a number of story outlines.

// MoreBrains takes you to LessBeauty // MoreBrains home to an ongoing stream of digigraphs. This feed has evolved from the images of “found objects” and “digigraph montages” that were the subject of early post into the “street photographs” that are now the main focus of my interest. These images are created with first with an iPhone 4S then an iPhone 6S and more recently an iPhone 7. I shoot most days, usually walking the streets while trying to keep the sun at my back. The ubiquitous nature of the device allows me to capture candid moments without the intrusion brought by traditional equipment. I rarely have the camera at eye level, preferring instead to hold it low while keeping a tangental eye on the screen. I cut the earbuds from the supplied headphones to make a digital shutter release, capturing the scene with a push of the volume button.

// MoreBrains² takes you to LessBeauty // MoreBrains² home to the various images and objects I have the urge to produce from time to time. This site has its roots in my fine art pedigree. By design it will be more experimental, as eclectic as the subjects that interest and inspire me. The most recent experiments are driven by the urge to make an image that only exists when printed.