// The Boy

Once upon a time there was a boy. He lived on a council estate in the North East of England until his father joined the army. For more than a decade the boy moved around the world, only stopping when it was time for him to further his education.

The boy graduated university with a degree in fine art and a bloody-minded ambition to direct. Starting at the bottom, he climbed up through the ranks of production, until he had shot and directed several hours of documentary television.

Then, driven by a desire to make features, the boy started writing. His short screenplays became longer as he taught himself the craft. Immersing himself in the gangster, horror, and science fiction genres; writing about revenge, punishment, and loyalty; developing a style that has been described as “imaginative and very visual, with an intelligent handle on ideas”.

The boy is older now and a little wiser but no less bloody-minded. He thinks of himself as a writer. In part because he has devoted so much time developing the skills needed to make that claim. But mostly because writing’s a fight and this boy needs a battle.

// Writing


Original sci-fi, reacting to vicious drug policy, developed into a 110-page screenplay.

When the government targets junkies for genocide, a self-righteous policeman battles to save his drug using sister.

Read the first ten pages.

Original horror, indulging my love of zombies, developed into a 92-page screenplay.

A destitute slum dweller, sent to prison for killing a policeman, fights to escape a space station prison, and return to his family.

Read the first ten pages.

Original thriller, developed from a single page outline, into a 90-page screenplay.

A retired hit man battles to finish a botched job, save his kidnapped colleague, and return to his reclusive life as a writer.

Read the first ten pages.


7 x 60-minute films, inspired by my interest in Dada art, exploring the seven sins of our time, including ecological collapse, wealth inequality, and political absolutism.

Seven filmmakers collaborate on a series of experimental “Exquisite Corpse” films taking us on a journey through the grey space between absolutes.

Read a brief outline.

9 x 30-minute documentaries, driven by my desire to understand the art market.

Profiles of nine art galleries and their owners, exploring the role they play in finding, nurturing, and promoting artists.

Read a brief outline.

10 x 30-minute documentaries, inspired by MIMS crate digger “Lexis” Charpentier.

Vinyl junkies are the archaeologist of the music world. What forgotten music will they unearth next?

Read a brief outline.

// Photographing

This feed has evolved from the images of “found objects” and “digigraph montages” that were the subject of early posts, into the “street photographs” that are now the main focus of my interest.
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// Creating

Home to the various images and objects I have the urge to produce from time to time. By design it will be more experimental, as eclectic as the subjects that interest and inspire me.
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