Director seeks feature film script

I am confounded by an advert typical of those posted on “Director seeks feature film script, drama or thriller only. Low budget. Salary min wage. Apply to: Julian.” Why would anyone reply to an advert like this? Would Julian reply to an advert like this? Why would you work with someone who shows so little respect for your efforts as a writer?

Collaboration adverts

Doing that thing again. I see adverts posted on mandy. Read them with some interest. Then discard them as a waste of time. Problem is I keep going back for another look. I know they will be a waste of time. And I will achieve nothing by pursuing them. But I still find myself thinking about applying. Has anyone ever got anything other than a headache by replying to “collaboration” adverts?

Reluctant to reply

I see a lot of adverts on websites like requesting screenplays. I read them with optimism. Go back to them looking for a glimmer of possibility. But ultimately rejecting them as more trouble than they’re worth. Am I cutting my nose off to spite my face? I don’t know. I do know the promised credit. Festival submission. And copy of the film. Is not enough. If you want my work. I want to be paid. Even for a short. Getting paid means they take my work seriously. I am also a little suspicious of would-be directors who have no writing skill. Because it seems to me. If they have no writing skill. Then they have no understanding of how hard it is to actually write something. So no respect for the pages given to them. How do I know this? Because every time I have given a director one of my screenplays. They have requested changes. Massive changes. That change the story. As if I hadn’t thought about every aspect of the story. Every word on the page. And made a concious decision to write the story that way. It seems to me the directors job is to tell the story. As written. Not the other way round. Perhaps I will regret writing this. Because it will no doubt alienate potential collaborators. But that is what I am looking for. Collaborators. People who respect what I have done. Enough to tell the story. As written. Especially when requesting speculative screenplays. The posters of these adverts could write the screenplays themselves. That’s why I started writing. I had stories I wanted to direct. Failing that. If they have stories they want to tell. And are unable to put it on paper. They could hire me to write it for them.