Nick Chater: Why most people follow routines

I’m defiantly someone who needs their routines, especially when it comes to writing. If I don’t get up early nothing gets done. Even if I end up distracting myself with something like this, an early morning routine is the only way.


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George Monbiot: We’re in a new age of obesity. How did it happen? You’d be surprised.

I completely agree with George on this one. People are being exploited by the food industry. I think we need to adopt Marshall McLuhan’s counterculture phrase, popularised by Timothy Leary, “turn on, tune in, drop out”. We need to “turn on” to the way the food industry manipulates us. We need to “tune in” to healthy food choices. And we need to “drop out” of a food culture that uses exploitation at every level. We have to stop brutalising animals so someone can buy a burger for 99p. Supermarkets have to stop squeezing farmers to maximise their profits. We have to stop buying cheap foods we don’t need. Obesity is a form of poisoning. No one would knowingly ingest cyanide. But that is what is happening. We are being fed poisons, then being blamed for poisoning ourselves.

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These brothers kayaked down one of the most polluted rivers on Earth

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