TED: Dina Zielinski: How we can store digital data in DNA



Watched Dragged Across Concrete (2018)

Everything about this film is worth watching. Brilliant piece of cinema. As sophisticated as anything you’ll see this year.

Sky News: Organisers say one million people have taken part in the #PeoplesVoteMarch calling for a second referendum.

Saying one million people is not the same as seeing one million people. Here’s your chance to see one million people on the streets of London. Is it enough to topple Theresa May, the way the Poll Tax march brought down Margaret Thatcher? I don’t know. May’s hubris knows no gods.

Christopher Wylie: Once again, there was pervasive cheating on the leave campaign.

Why is this fact not part of the discussion around British Exit of the European Union? Why is this not put forward as the reason we need another vote by those arguing for a people’s vote?