Down tempo playlist 20 April 2018

Downtempo playlist 20 April 2018

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Listening to Music Is My Sanctuary Show #203

Delegitimising the British left by Owen Jones

The “determined effort in both the British media and the wider political elite to delegitimise the Labour leadership in particular and the broader left as a whole” is a strategy that I hope most people can see through. Aggressively attacking someone while simultaneously framing themselves as the victims of an attack, is a sign of desperation. It frames a reasonable point of view into an act of mindless aggression. There is a fundamentally patronising paternalistic overtone to the way they try to deflect the issues and concerns. We should stop engaging in these destruction tactics. We need to find ways to reframe these issues. What the right manages to do is turn reasonable intelligent debate into emotional outpourings. They appeal to the gut not to the head. They are appealing to emotion and not to intellect. The left has to find ways to engage with the wider world on an emotional level without sinking into the spite of the right, otherwise it ends up being something akin to the vitriol of an acrimonious divorce.

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