The Greatest Beer Run Ever (2022)

The archetypal hero’s journey sees Chickie Donohue (Zac Efron) take his seemingly bottomless bag of beer on a tour of his childhood friends fighting in Vietnam.


Bad Sisters – S:1 (2022– )

Bad Sisters (2022– ) is a delightfully funny who-done-it with enough twists and turns and withheld information to keep you guessing til the last episode. Five sisters, one dead husband. Who killed John Paul?

Black Bird (2022)

Convicted drug dealer, played by Taron Egerton, is given a chance at redemption, when he goes undercover in a maximum security prison, tasked with coaxing a confession from a serial killer, Paul Walter Hauser. Strong performances from Egerton and Hauser but I can’t help wondering, if the story had been condensed into a feature would it’ve had more urgency?

Slow Horses – S:1 (2022– )

When British intelligence agents make career-ending mistakes but aren’t fired, MI5 send them to Slough House, a purgatory of dullness run by the acerbic Jackson Lamb (Gary Oldman). When Slough House’s most recent arrival River Cartwright (Jack Lowden) is assigned to keep an eye on a journalist associated with far-right politicians, he uncovers a plot to attack Britain. This felt truncated, very much like a setup, rather than a full season. Interestingly they trailed season two at the end of episode six. Surely the talent above and below the line deserves more that a paltry six hours.

The Mosquito Coast – S:1 (2021– )

Wonderfully intriguing characters are put through the ringer, but we never get the feeling we’re any closer to their truths. Another season is both needed and anticipated.

Invasion – S:1 (2021– )

It does a great job of keeping several stories on the go at the same time. Interested to see what the next season might have to offer.

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