The Brexit Crisis Finally Engulfs the Party That Started It

A stinging and accurate assessment of Brexit and the growing crisis we’re facing. It doesn’t mention that Vote leave and BeLeave are under investigation for election over spending. It does say what the commentariat in this country are not, that “with both major political parties in the U.K. in terminal disarray, its government on the verge of collapse, and its relationship with Europe tainted, that Russian money is looking ever more well-spent.” Think about that for a moment. Russian money bought the referendum. All of the xenophobic rhetoric of the Brexit campaign was used to hide a strategy that will seed control of this country to either Russian money or American multinationals. Trump isn’t under investigation for collusion with Russia for nothing. We need clarity. We need to press pause on Article 50 and have another general election.  That election needs to be framed as an in or out vote on Europe. The Tories have made their position very clear. Labour needs to back remain. What is the alternative, stumble eyes open into economic oblivion. Cost of living in this country is already high. It will be unliveable should we go to WTO rules. Labour’s strategy  has been to let the Tories implode. Labour now needs to step up and offer a real alternative.


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