Stephen Joseph becomes John Quays

Within the world of Carrion. Christine Leigh’s boyfriend is Stephen Joseph. Not any more. I have decided to change his name to John Quays. Why the change? Because John Quays sounds like junkies. As his fate reflects the fate of all the drug users in the story. It seems fitting to giving him a name that reflects that fact. I took the name from a track on The Fall’s “Live At The Witch Trials” album “No Xmas For John Quays”. John Quays is said to be either a reference to seventies politician Hugh Jabaals. His name in the song was changed at the last minute to avoid any libel. Or it could be a reference to a former member of The Fall who succumbed to the lure of heroin. Or my favourite. A “riff” on William S. Burroughs story “The Junkie’s Christmas”. A junkie gets the immaculate fix when gives away his junk on Christmas eve. It’s hard to know. Mark E. Smith’s lyrics are significantly obscure to make any definitive interpretation impossible. Anyway. I chose it because John Quays sounds like junkies.


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