Watched Cuties (2020)

All of the outrage surrounding this film is completely unfounded. It’s not about child exploitation, but more about the way over-sexualised images of women effect the maturing generation. Yes the girls dance provocatively. It’s all very suggestive, but they don’t actually know what they’re doing. There’s no experience in the movements they make, only actions mimicking what they’ve seen. So unless you’re the kind of person attracted to under age girls dancing, you’re going to feel as uncomfortable watching it as I did, and that’s the point, we should feel uncomfortable. I actually think it’s quite a joyous film in the end. Our hero realises what she’s doing and takes action. She’s not passive in any way. She’s not abandoned or trafficked or worse. She discovers herself and starts to assert her independence. There are many reasons why some would get their knickers in a twist, but they really need to check their world view if they feel threatened by this film.

Watched Freaks: You’re One of Us (2020)

An interesting film from Germany, fitting into that sub genre of superhero films, that’s less adolescent wish fulfilment and more grownup domestic drama. A woman depressed by the drudgery of her life decides to stop taking her medication, and discovers she has superpowers. She embarks a journey of self discovery, grows into her powers, and goes looking for her family of freaks.