ITV News: Robert Peston: Is cancelling Brexit the Prime Minister’s new default?

Interesting that a lot of people seem to think this was her game all along. I can’t see it myself. I can see her triggering Article 50, then calling a snap election trying to outflank the Labour Party. I presume the thinking was Mrs May would wipe out the Labour Party, and could then get through whatever exit she wanted. Let’s not forget Mrs May tried to stop parliament from having any kind of say over the deal she struck. Probably because she could see from the outset what a hopeless venture it all was. Subsequent events have seen her cut off at every point, by Europe, by opposition. So vailed warnings of revoking Article 50 is just another attempt to force the critic in her own party into line. I welcome her pulling the plug and revoking Article 50. It would keep us in Europe, and with luck destroy the Tories. Tory voting remainers would never be able to respect the party again. Leavers would never forgive the betrayal. I’d call that a win. I think Revoking Article 50 would force a general election. At least then the parties could set out their stall, and make their arguments, and let the will of the people be heard. I’m sure it wouldn’t be the narrow split the commentators might like it to be.

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