No Deal is a dangerous fantasy

The Brexiteers know the disasters we are facing, they just don’t care, and they don’t care because they have “faith”, faith that the grass is greener outside of the European Union, that we will prosper if only we have faith to stay the course.

New Statesman

There is one thing we should remember about people with faith, they’re unshakable in their convictions. You can not argue facts and figures with them until steam exhales from your ears, they have their “faith”, and their “faith” will see them through.

Brexiteers are fundamentalists, and like all fundamentalists, they would rather do something suicidal than admit what they believe is wrong. You can unpick the logic, offer mountains of evidence, but as soon as they say “I believe”, the argument is over. It’s over because evidence based thinking is heresy.

The problem from the start of this project, is that Remainers allowed the Brexiteers to frame the argument, and that argument was framed in the hyperbolic emotion of faith.

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