The Guardian: Jim Waterson and Peter Walker: ‘Propaganda of privilege’: how Labour went to war with the media

It’s interesting that they give Theresa May the last word. She summons up the mythic notion of the media as an impartial force, speaking truth to power, the “bedrock of our democracy”. The media has and will always be the “propaganda of privilege”. The media chooses what we discussed, how that discussion is framed, and who has the last word. Having the last word is important. It bestows authority, allowing the comments to sit with an audience, letting that point of view be the “truth”. The notion that the media speaks truth to power is laughable. The media speaks truth to like minded people. It is nothing more than the post-show show, a propaganda vehicle for the main attraction. The media is to power what Big Brother’s Bit on the Side is to Big Brother, a fluffer on the set of a porno, there to keep the actors aroused.


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