Please donate to the Labour party

I read something on The Canary about funding for Theresa May’s election campaign;  The list of dodgy millionaire donors that Theresa May won’t want you to see. This prompted me to take a look on the Electoral Commission website. There you can search donations made to all the political parties.

Here is a list of donations made to all the political parties in the last month. DONATIONS

What strikes me is how much the Conservative party has been given. It is far more than any other political party, double what the Labour party has be give by their supporters. It is no surprise that the Labour party gets much of its funding from the unions. But the overwhelming impression I have from the list is that the wealthiest few donate thousands to the Conservative Party because the Conservative Party represent their interests.

So in the interests of the many, I donated to the Labour party. I would urge everyone reading this to do the same. We, the many, may not have much but if we stand together, donate a little, we can help the Labour party win this election. DONATE

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