While working though various ideas I came across a much stronger inciting event, one that forces Adam to make an impossible choice. He’s given the opportunity to join the party, progress within the prohibitionist cause, but to do so he has to kill Christine.

It’s the most provocative inciting event I’ve managed to find. It’s forced me to reassess what follows, specifically the events after the refusal. Technically it’s the start of Adam’s desire line, but to save Christine he first has to save himself.

His refusal makes him a combatant deep behind enemy lines, a prisoner of war, which makes the next ten minutes of story, how does Adam escape?

One way is to have Reiner release him, but Reiner is so hurt by Adam’s refusal, so committed to the prohibitionist cause, this just wouldn’t happen. A second way is to have Adam fight his way out, but this option is just too obvious, Adam’s not combative enough at this point in the story, he has not yet learned to fight prohibition. It contradicts the “not fighting back” immoral actions that underpin his character.

A third way is to have him take advantage of events happening within the story world, swarming insect, a riotous mob or sympathetic aggressor? All of these scenarios have the potential to dilute events later in the story.

Overall it needs to be something of relatively low intensity.

But what?

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