Chained (2012)

I don’t review films very often. I watch so many, I’d do nothing else if I were to write something about each of them. But I liked Jennifer Lynch‘s latest feature so much I felt compelled to make comment. Chained is quite possibly the best film I’ve seen so far this year.

I’m a big fan of Vincent D’Onofrio and you get him at his best. It’s like watching Private Pile’s brother taking his knife out for some fun. There’s menace in those eyes, and the way he holds his shoulder, that permeates the words that come from his mouth. Every sinew of his on screen being sweats threat.

D’Onofrio reminds me a little of the late Chris Penn, and a lot like Mr Penn, if he lost a little weight the cinema going majority might realise that he is actually Robert De Niro in his prime.

Eamon Farren is emotionally engaging as the victimised Rabbit who, despite all that is thrown at him, desperately clings to an overwhelmed humanity. A huge chunk of the credit for the films success has to go to Ms Lynch, who true to her pedigree keeps you engaged to the end.

Just when you think you have the measure of the story, the characters, where it’s all going, she takes a skull cracking left turn that’s as shocking as it is poignant.


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