Follow up to another rejection

In my last post I outlines my rejection by the Euroscript Screen Story Competition and the readers report I received. I sent an email briefly outlining my concerns. Here is the response I got back from the reader.

The relationship comes across very much as having a father-daughter dynamic, which is why I was left with that overriding impression (hence why I clumsily referred to it as such), although appreciate that this is a huge error to have made, and apologise that this has understandably left you thinking your treatment was dealt with inadequately. I hope that the analysis of the other elements of the treatment reflect the level of thought that has gone into what might be required to develop the treatment in future, however. There is a deal of character development required on Christine, regardless of the relationship, and as mentioned, the fractured style of writing should be amended so that the narrative is easier to follow and engage with. Currently the action is described in an abstract fashion rather than in a form that can easily be visualised, and this hinders the effectiveness of the treatment overall. Strong visually exciting scenes, with clearly defined characterisations that are multi-faceted and conveyed through behaviour and action as well as dialogue, will be of great importance for future drafts. Sincere apologies for the mix-up Darrin.

2 Replies to “Follow up to another rejection”

  1. Interesting to read about the process of writing.

    I am writing my first book about the street childrens life.

    Have an interesting day


    1. Rejection is all part of the process. But sometimes I’m left wondering if I will ever crack the code. Readers are the gatekeepers. But I’ve not met one yet who speaks the same language as me. It feels like I’m trying to get past the Maître d’hôtel of a club. And if your name’s not on the list. You ain’t gettin’ in. Good luck with the book. Thanks for commenting. D.


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