Snared by Facebook

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about not being on Facebook. A couple of days ago I created a profile.

Not sure why I took the plunge, but I’m still not one hundred percent sold on it. I think I like my privacy too much, and Facebook ultimately seems a little too intimate.

I think it might actually end up being a bit like my encounters with both LoveFilm and Blockbuster’s DVD postal services.

Their business model is built on the premise that they offer a more flexible renting solution. The reality is that you let some monkey in a warehouse choose the films you watch over the weekend.

Just as the LoveFilm’s of the world have found a way of providing a poorer service and making it seem like a benefit, Facebook promises the ability to connect to lots of people, some of them you might actually know. In return you are prompted to give away a massive chunk of your privacy.

Ultimately “the entry fee might not be worth it”.

You’ll know for sure what side of the line I fall if my Facebook profile suddenly disappears.


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