Beyond three acts

Read this very interesting piece by John Truby at Raindance WHY 3 ACT WILL KILL YOUR WRITING. It made me think about the way my writing has developed.

The first draft of my first feature screenplay was a monster. I think mainly because I tried to stick to the a very rigid three act structure. But as Truby points out “the 3-act structure doesn’t work because it is arbitrary” and “places no emphasis on character”. I think it actually gets in the way of character, it certainly did for me. Subsequent drafts, and subsequent screenplays, have all developed beyond the three act structure.

My most recent screenplay “THE SINGULARITY” has nine very clearly defined sections, one about every ten minutes, and it is every ten minutes, because I structured it that way from the outset.

It felt strange when I started, as if I was a Christian discovering evolution, but once I put the three act structure behind me, I was able to plot a story more in tune with my character.


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