The Independent vs. Double Down News

Two stories about the rise in knife crime. The first from Lizzie Dearden in The Independent, the other from Temi Mwale for DoubleDown News. One is direct and to the point, the other is not.


Being poor damages you

The line that caught my eye in Lindsay Richards and Patrick Prag’s article was towards the end. “Your current class matters, and your class during childhood matters, but mobility itself does not cause the wear and tear that is bad for your health.” You carry who you are as a child with you to the very end.

The Independent

What the article doesn’t address is how being poor effects your psychology.

Not two hours ago a wrote a note to myself. I was thinking about a character. The note reads “psychological damage of being poor” followed by a question “what does being poor do to your self-confidence?”

For me the “stress” of social mobility is insignificant when compared to the strength you need to overcome the psychology of being poor, or more specifically the damage being poor does to your mental health.

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