Snowpiercer – S:3 (2020– )

The train, 1029 cars long, keeps rolling as life and love and the two factions of Snowpierce battle to survive. Melanie (Jennifer Connelly) and Andre (Daveed Diggs) force the factions to choose.


Snowpiercer – S:1 (2020– )

This does a good job of turning an intriguing film into an interesting television series. The necessities of making this more than just a fight to the front of the train, manages to create something with more depth, tapping into current concerns about the consequences of ecological collapse, and the political situation that collapse is creating. The rich first class passengers live the life of luxury. The poor tailies live a life of disease and poverty. The oppressed minority rise up and battle to take control of the train. It doesn’t quite articulate the zeal of revolutionary overthrow, instead playing out more like the dramas of a really dysfunctional family, ironically making it less nihilistic than the idea is.

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