This Rotten World: Choking on the Ashes by Jacy Morris

As the apocalypse takes its toll both physically and emotionally, the remaining survivors of the original group head for the coast, and one more fight. This time for a new home. Of all the zombie fiction I’ve read of late, this series is my favourite. Morris weaves an interesting tale that could very easily see all five books as a trilogy of films.


This Rotten World: Winter of Blood by Jacy Morris

Snow falls on Oregon burying the world under an icy blanket of white. One group of survivors navigate the politics of a walled community, while the other deals with a cult and its leader. It’s more than just the gory action that keeps you reading, but the ever changing point of view offering depth to the story.

This Rotten World: No More Heroes by Jacy Morris

With Portland in their rear-view-mirror our survivors encounter new perils, some undead, some very much alive. Morris keeps the action moving, and the threats coming, and the multiple storylines flowing.

This Rotten World: Let It Burn by Jacy Morris

“Portland, Oregon, once a hipster haven, the progressive jewel of the Northwest, was now nothing but a collection of buildings on the precipice of becoming a ruin.” As the plot continues, survivors try to escape the unrelenting threat from the undead, shifting perspective offer depth to the characters that make this a compelling read.

This Rotten World by Jacy Morris

First in the series begins with the fall of civilisation at the teeth of the undead. A disparate collection of survivors, forced together by circumstance, battle to escape Portland.

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