Existential, apocalyptic, exist-a-lyptic?

Is it wrong of me to frame climate-change deniers as genocidal?

I’m not even sure “genocide” is the right word to describe their project. Genocide probably has too narrow a definition to encapsulate actions and consequences that are so all-consuming and indiscriminate. I actually can’t think of anything to metre the level of destruction denial has caused, or will force us to endure in the future.

Existential? Apocalyptic? Exist-a-lyptic?

Whatever the word, there is one thing I know, the denials have to stop.

To those still claiming “it’s just weather”, you’ve had your fun, made your money, the damage is done! We have the proof, we know you lied, you’re lying. You invoke God then greed, hate then fear, denouncing all but the faithful. I’d say listen to reason, but we know you can’t hear, anything but the doctrines of greed.

You have faith.

We have science.

Is that how you justify your exist-a-lyptic urge to destroy? What would you have us do?

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