Trailer: MGM: Women Talking

Sarah Polley, writer and director of Women Talking (2022), discusses her new film with John August and Craig Mazin in Episode 583 of Scriptnotes.

For those interested, John’s shownotes include a link to an undated copy of the screenplay. I gather it’s very different to Polley’s finished film.


Trailer: HBO: The Last of Us (2023-)

Very excited to see what Craig Mazin has been up to since Chernobyl (2019).

The trailer for his The Last of Us adaption has certainly piqued my interest. I don’t know the game it’s based on, games just aren’t my thing, but I do have an unquenchable apatite for post-apocalyptic drama.

The Last of Us

Chernobyl (2019)

This series is a truly amazing piece of work. I know Craig Mazin will hate this, but I can see all kinds of awards on the horizon for him, and his production.

Mazin has also made the five scripts for Chernobyl available to download.

You may be wondering why they’re on John August’s website.

Craig is John’s co-host on Scriptnotes, a podcast about screenwriting, and things that are interesting to screenwriters.

It has to be the best podcast about writing I’ve listened to. 400 episodes in and it’s still as fresh as ever.

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