Backspaces: The golden ratio

I posted another Backspaces story today, and because does not allow me to embed it, here it is as a screen capture.


My social media is getting out of hand

I recently joined the AMPt Community. “AMPt Community’s goal is to become the premier resource for mobile photography/artistry… period.” Interesting site that I hope to get a lot from. But joining AMPt got me thinking about the various platforms I have an account with. This latest addition makes me wonder if my social media is getting out of hand.

I have two main sites DarrinNightingale // ScreenWriter and LessBeauty // MoreBrains.

Most of the posts on // ScreeWriter are to do with my writing. I use it as a journal. As a way of working out ideas about the various aspects of whatever story I am working on.

// MoreBrains is home to the constant stream of digigraphs I take. These digigraphs are posted to the site from Flickr. I use Flickr because it allows me to post directly to from my mobile. Although the free version of Flickr only displays the most recent two hundred images it still displays all the digigraphs posted to LessBeauty // MoreBrains going back to the first post, five hundred images and counting. Doing it this way I get all the images I want on my website without having to worry about busting storage limits.

Both // ScreenWriter and // MoreBrains automatically feed Twitter, which in turn feeds Facebook. I never contribute directly to Facebook. I only have an account because everyone else does. More accurately it is such a broad platform that people who would not normally show up on other social networks have a Facebook account.

In the same way as // ScreenWriter and // MoreBrains feed Twitter they also feed LinkedIn. I have an account but don’t really work it as a social network. I find it a surprisingly closed.

Daisy-chaining two sites, LinkedIn, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook means I can post to two sites while distributing across six. Easy to stay on top of.

So why is my social media getting out of hand? Because as well as the above mentioned platforms I also have accounts with Instagram, EyeEm, Backspaces, and now AMPt Community?

A big reason for // MoreBrains is Instagram. Joining Instagram started the digigraph ball rolling for me. The desire to post digigraphs made me go out and take more digigraphs. I would love it if Flickr could not only feed but also Instagram. Not likely as Instagram explicitly prohibits this.

The recent uproar over Instagram’s amended terms of service prompted me to set up an EyeEm account. Same content different place. It involves a fair amount of reposting but not unmanageable. Additionally I have also started posting stories on Backspaces.

Backspaces is new platform that is, from a content point of view, a combination of images and words. This is something completely separate from Instagram and EyeEm. It forces me to think in new ways about what I’m doing. That on it’s own is worth sticking with it for the time being.

On top of all that I recently joined AMPt Community. More reposting of content that already appears on Istagram and EyeEm. All in all that’s five platforms all displaying the same digigraphs. Each platform reaches a slightly different audiance but because it reverses the daisy-chaining principle I employed with my main sites it is becoming increasingly time consuming to keep up with.

Not sure what I will do but I’m giving serious consideration to sliming down the portfolio of social media. What I need is a social media hub. A site that distributes my content across all the other platforms. Any ideas?


A while ago references to a new app started appearing on Instagram. Curious I downloaded Backspaces from the App Store. It sat on my phone for weeks while I struggled to work out how to use it. Functionally it’s not complicated. You string together digigraphs and words to tell a story, visualise a poem, whatever you can think of. I just went round in circles over-thinking ways to put it into practice.

There’s nothing unique about the sequential juxtaposition of words and images. It’s something I do all the time when writing screenplays, but for some reason I couldn’t put a Backspaces story together. In the end I just pulled some images from my camera roll and started writing.

Unfortunately doesn’t allow me to embed these stories. So here’s the next best thing, an image capture of the stories with a link to them on Backspaces.

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