// Dial A Date – Hewland International



Working with a mix of professional presenters, and the general public.

Shooting, lighting, and recording sound in variety of situations, that included a mobile studio, on the street, and dynamic location activities.

Street casting.

Logging rushes, story editing, and supervising edit.


Dial A Date was a fast turn around dating show for LWT.

The weeks schedule would begin early Sunday, when two directors, two presenters, and two researchers, would travel to one of the ITV regions, and set up a mobile studio.

While one director set off with the presenters to record the various links for the show. The other would interview prospects for this weeks dates. This involved teasing interesting facts from the subject, and moulding them into a unique contribution.

Late in the evening we would record an interview with the date. The presenter would lead them through the prospects, have them comment, and finally choose someone to accompany them.

Monday would begin with an activity. This could be anything from canoeing, to absailing, to driving a Land Rover blindfolded.

A half time interview tried to gauge the couples interest in each other.

In the afternoon the couple would go for dinner, and get to know each other a little better.

The final interview would answer the question “are you interested?”

Recording finished, late on Monday, we returned to base.

All day Tuesday was spent logging rushes.

Wednesday each director would have half a day to edit their section.

On Thursday one of the directors would travel to next ITV region, to cast dates for the following weeks show. This involved going up to people in the street, asking them if they were single, and convincing them to be on the show. Again I had to tease interesting facts from the subject, moulding them into a unique contribution.

These contributions would then be rushed back to base so they could be cut into the show.

The finished show aired late night on Friday.