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Brass Eye was a long and complicated production, that allowed me to involve myself in all the aspects of the process.

I was a researcher in the production office, and an assistant director on location shoots.

Logged rushes for the edit, and made props when they were needed in a hurry.

I helped ideate the titles sequence, and shot graphic for the promotional stings.

And on more than one occasion I made a brief appearance in front of the camera. I was the Pee-wee Herman look-a-like in the coffin being shot by a reporter. I was the suited man snorting cocaine at a party. And the orderly bringing Buzz Aldrin his medication.

Basically I did whatever the production needed.

For example, on the last episode Decline, we needed cutout standees to litter the background of a shot. With no money for stock photos I volunteered to walk the streets with my 35mm camera, and take the photographs of people. These photographs were eventually enlarged to life size, and used in the show.

Finally I shot and directed all of Brass Eye’s campaign material.


Murder Most Horrid: Series 3: Confess
For the last episode of the comedy/drama series, I took an active role in the production office, and floor running in the studio.

Knowing Me Knowing Yule with Alan Partridge
I took a more hands on role, taking responsibility for recording rehearsal sessions, organising props, thirding on location, and floor running in the studio.

Miller Light Pilsner commercial: Episodes 1 – 3
More fetching, carrying, and audience corralling on a series of commercials that spoofed the format of a late night talk show.

Loose Talk
Toured the country, fetching and carrying, on a comedy version of Question Time.

They Think It’s All Over
This production was a round of administrative duties, and floor running on the many tests shoots that went into making the pilot episode of the comedy sports shows.