Trailer: Netflix: Army of the Dead

I’m a big fan of Zack Snyder’s 2004 remake of George A. Romero’s classic Dawn of the Dead (1978). Snyder’s version is less of a social commentary than Romero’s but James Gunn’s screenplay has a punchy irony that adds to the gory thrills. I really hope the insanity in the trailer for Army delivers. It has the feel the third act from Snyder’s Dawn. That feeling of facing insurmountable odds. There is one thing from the trailer that bothers me. I don’t know about “smart” zombies. Just the idea of a strategising zombie seems to contradict the nature of being undead. I hope Snyder doesn’t give the zombies too much agency. Zombies are mindless agents of instinct, flesh eating monster, not wild animals. Truth is it really doesn’t matter what they are, I’m still going to watch the movie regardless.

Trailer: Kino Lorber: Tommaso

The always interesting Abel Ferrara and Willem Dafoe team up again for another dive into the darker side of human nature.

Trailer: Well Go USA Entertainment: Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula (2020)

This looks like a fitting sequel to great film. I’ve read elsewhere it’s what Aliens is to Alien. A worthy sequel. That is yet to be seen, but one can but hope.

Trailer: BBC: War of the Worlds

If this is any good, and it certainly has promise, I predict a new trend of period science fiction stories.

Trailer: Well Go USA Entertainment: Freaks

I’m so intrigued by this trailer.

Trailer: A24: Skin

This looks really interesting. Darker even than American History X (1998).

Trailer: Samuel Goldwyn Films: Mapplethorpe

I’m interested to see Matt Smith play Robert Mapplethorpe. Smith has the angular features of Mapplethorpe, but will he be able to capture the transgressive spirit that is at the core of Mapplethorpe and his work?