Finished watching Chernobyl (2019–2019)

This series is a truly amazing piece of work. Everything about it makes it worth watching. I know Craig Mazin will hate this, but I can see all kinds of awards on the horizon for him, and the production. Also I’m genuinely happy to see that he’s made the five Chernobyl scripts available here. You may be wondering why they’re on John August’s website. Craig is John’s co-host on Scriptnotes, a podcast about screenwriting, and things that are interesting to screenwriters. It has to be the best writing podcast available. 400 episodes in and its still as fresh as ever.


Finished watching American Gods S:2 (2017– )

I preferred this season over the first. There seemed to be more plot, more intrigue, more character, and none of the slow motion inserts that slowed the first season down. The central premise will always be intriguing. Gods only exist because we believe in them. The stories we tell are the stories we believe. To write is to create Gods.

Finally finished watching S:1 American Gods (2017– )

I wouldn’t call this an easy watch. David Slade, king of the slow motion insert, sets the tone for the series. It’s strong on arresting images, weaker on connecting them to character development. Overall the lead, Shadow Moon, lacks agency. It’s not the shows fault, it’s in the book. Shadow has no purpose, no desire. He just tags along with Wednesday but we never really know why? He is carried by events rather than doing something that has consequences. It works in the book better than it does on screen. All that said I’m still going to watch Season 2.