Finished watching S:2 Kingdom (2019– )

‪This picks up exactly where season one left off. The political intrigues continue, but it’s the pace of the action and quantity of gore that’s most impressive. Think Train to Busan (2016) but set in feudal Korea. Can’t wait for season three.‬

Finished watching S:1 Kingdom (2019– )

This South Korean period drama adds a new twist to the zombie genre. There’s a lot to like in a very bingable six episodes. It’s packed with action and gore soaked teeth. The characters are well draw, with a plot that has a decent amount of mystery. A usurped prince discovers his strength fighting for his inheritance.

Finished watching S:1 – I Am Not Okay with This (2020– )

This lands somewhere between Carrie (1976) and Juno (2007). With a strange John Hughes wholesomeness about it. It brings enough funny to make it charming. A great Scanners (1981) moment to push the horror. And enough who done it to keep it moving. The soundtrack adds to the whole indie retro thing. It was engaging enough to watch all seven episodes in one sitting. Definitely worth a winters afternoon of your time.

Finished watching S:1 – Dark (2017– )

This is a complicated story, demanding that you pay attention. It’s a time travel drama that has three timelines running concurrently. It’s not enough to just read the subtitles, you also have to keep track of who’s who, and the consequence of their actions, on a chess board playing in four dimensions.

Finished watching October Faction (2020– )

Husband and wife team of monster hunters take a sabbatical, and return with their two children, to the hometown where they grew up. Secrets are revealed as the families actions catches up to them. Overall the writing is a little loose. It lingers over some things, and rushes others. It’s all a little “young adult” for me, but it might find a fan base among some younger teens, maybe.

Watched A Christmas Carol (2019)

Steven Knight gives us a sublime interpretation of this classic story. He brings an emotional depth that’s lacking from previous versions. While other adaptations interpret events and actions, Knight gives us psychological profile of Scrooge. All of the neigh sayers should read the original. The story of A Christmas Carol may be our current embodiment of Christmas, but it was once a ghost story about human frailty. It’s perhaps a sign of the times that we realise Scrooge learned his behaviour from years of abuse, but this time, he’s ready to give up his wealth in a way historical versions were not.