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The Guardian: Jack Flanagan: Is a cure for Aids within reach?

The New Yorker: Sam Knight: Do Proteins Hold the Key to the Past?

The Conversation: Damien Hall: Changes in the way we pronounce certain sounds tell us a lot about our changing values

William S. Burroughs once wrote that “language is a virus from outer space.” I think Mr. Hall’s insight might go some way to understand how the virus mutates and spreads power. The article argues that regional variations of language spoken in Normandy reflect changes in the language spoken in Paris. The people of Normandy look to Paris for the “best way” to speak French. When the language in Paris mutates, the Parisian strain spreads to Normandy, taking with it the power of Paris. We all learn to talk by listening to those around us. The way we speak organises the way we think. How words are spoken, and sentences structured, communicates a logic. That logic organises a specific way of understanding the world. Regional accents not only connect people to a specific area but also to unique way of life. Take for example the different ways English is spoken throughout the United Kingdom. The dominant culture in the UK is centred in the South. The way people think in the South is not the same as people in the North. The culture is different, because the logic is different, because the language is different. We may all speak English, but Northern English is not the same as Southern English. It’s more than just an accent, it’s a set of values. I think the media spreads the Londoncentric virus, allowing it to dominate the farthest reaches of the country. It changes the way people speak, and think, and understand the world. Burroughs’ “cut up” technique may offer a way of immunising ourselves against this homogenising virus. By cutting into his text Burroughs was able to create new words, new sentence structures, new logics, and releases his own mutations into the culture. We should all think seriously about how to do the same.

The Conversation: Catherine Loveday: Research shows that feeling younger than you are could be good for you

The Conversation: Roger Barlow: Mystery particle spotted?

I understand very little, if any, of the science in this article. What intrigues me is the idea that they may have discovered a particle that “is not just outside the standard model but outside it in a way that nobody anticipated”. To me that is the stuff of science fiction. New particle leads to who know what? Some might find this distressing. I say keep looking. It may be the particle that lets us hit the reset button on the mess we are currently in.

Now This: Bitcoin mining alone could cause catastrophic climate change

This Bitcoin fact is a true reflection of the society we live in. Even something that does not physically exists produces CO2 at the rate of a continent. To produce you must consume.

TED Talks: Rachel Wurzman: How isolation fuels opioid addiction

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