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Ask your MP to attend crucial Commons vote on civil partnerships on Friday 26th October


Now This: Your phone screen could be slowly blinding you

This is a scary piece of research. There’s a metaphor in there somewhere about screens blinding us not just intellectually but physically.

TED2018: Liv Boeree: 3 lessons on decision-making from a poker champion

Watched The Death of Stalin (2017)

Bear Grylls : STOP Bear Grylls Exploiting Marine Animals at his Adventure Park Experience – Sign the Petition!

Hiding under Clapham South Tube Station is one of London’s most impressive deep-level shelters.

Bacteria Hidden Under Our Feet May Be a New Weapon Against Superbugs

ARM’s AI chips could be in devices as soon as 2019

The Cover of George Orwell’s 1984 Becomes Less Censored with Wear and Tear

New low-cost cancer treatment could kill tumors with ethanol

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