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Please donate to the Labour party

I read something on The Canary about funding for Theresa May’s election campaign;  The list of dodgy millionaire donors that Theresa May won’t want you to see. This prompted me to take a look on the Electoral Commission website. There you can search donations made to all the political parties.

Here is a list of donations made to all the political parties in the last month. DONATIONS

What strikes me is how much the Conservative party has been given. It is far more than any other political party, double what the Labour party has be give by their supporters. It is no surprise that the Labour party gets much of its funding from the unions. But the overwhelming impression I have from the list is that the wealthiest few donate thousands to the Conservative Party because the Conservative Party represent their interests.

So in the interests of the many, I donated to the Labour party. I would urge everyone reading this to do the same. We, the many, may not have much but if we stand together, donate a little, we can help the Labour party win this election. DONATE


I’m voting Labour

I’m voting Labour and I urge everyone to do the same. As far as I can see it is not in the interest of most people to vote otherwise. The Tory manifesto is a statement of poorly thought out ideas informed by a dogmatic ideology that puts profits before people, private interest before the public good. Austerity is an ideologic strategy designed to make the poor pay off the debts of rich. The Labour manifesto, by contrast, feels optimistic; it aspires to the positive in us all, the sense of community, the desire to do good by the many, not just the few. I have survived successive neoliberal governments both Labour and Conservative that have done nothing but keep me poor and in debt. The system is rigged to keep us all in our place. I know it has ever been thus. But it is time for a change, a radical change. I am sick of these paternalistic parasites controlling us with lies. This election, more than any other, has shown me how the mainstream media colludes with the vested interests to drip feed a narrative of pessimistic division. Those people over there are to blame for your problems. Meanwhile I am free to go ahead bleed society dry like a spider feeding on an insect. None of this is new. The difference this time, for the first time in my life, there is an actual alternative to the way things have been done since Thatcher. My fear is that most people will be blinded by the lies and vote against their own interests. My hope is that people with see through these lies, vote to do some good by everyone and vote Labour.


575 Wandsworth Road

On Sunday last I was taken to see 575 Wandsworth Road former home of Khadambi Asalache. The exterior of the property is unassuming. I have passed it uncountable times on my travels without even noticing the National Trust sign hung outside. Inside it is a different story. For a period of twenty years from 1986 through until his death in 2006, the Kenyan born poet, novelist, philosopher of mathematics and British civil servant decorated every room in the house with hand cut fretwork. The endeavour had a relatively unassuming Genesis. In an attempt to disguise persistent damp in the basement dining room he fixed pine floorboards he found in a skip to the wall. He went on to embellish this and every room in the house with fretwork patterns hand carved from more reclaimed wood. The place is astonishing and like nothing I have seen before. It is not only a reflection of Mr Asalache’s own Kenyan heritage but also his extensive travels. The walls and cielings are covered with rough hewn fretwork patterns. Interspersed within these crude lines, shapes and motifs are equally nieve murals. To describe his style as crude or nieve is in no way meant to detract from the level of creative sophistication on show. It is simply meant to discribe the rustic quality of the work. You can see the saw marks in the wood. Where misaligned junctions and unevenness are celebrated a contemporary interior might reject as faulty. It is an example of someone customising their living space with such idiosyncratic vigour that is hard for most of us to comprehend. I recommend you take the time to pay the house a visit.

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