Six word stories #36

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Six word stories 36

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Unemployed and looking for work

I’ve been unemployed and looking for work since February. I made this video to highlight some of my skills, and a few of the things I’ve done. I need to be challenged, use my creativity, and go home tired. If you have a job please consider me. If you know someone who is hiring please pass them my details. I live in London. You can reach me by emailing info (at) Thank you all in advance. I hope to hear from you soon.

Spyware is used to target dissidents: How would this be a movie?

An answer prompted by a Jon Swaine and Stephanie Kirchgaessner article in The Guardian: UK rights advocate co-owns firm whose spyware is ‘used to target dissidents’

This article is full to the brim with all kinds political intrigue, hypocrisy, big money, hacking, terrorism, repressive governments, dissidents, and the glamour of the art world.

There are a dozen ways to build a plot around what’s on offer. There’s the journalist uncovering a conspiracy version. I have in mind something like The Parallax View (1974) or State of Play (2003). There’s an innocent accused of a crime version. Think Enemy of the State (1998) or The Pelican Brief (1993). There’s a version from inside law enforcement. Something like The International (2009) or Serpico (1973). It could easily be part of the plot for a spy film like Casino Royal (2006) or Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (2011).

My initial thoughts have the husband of an imprisoned dissident kidnap a wealthy art dealer Jill, and hold her hostage. The kidnapper starts to make demands of the art dealer’s husband, Jack. Conspiring with each new demand to expose his corrupt activity. As the plot drips through it becomes apparent it’s actually Jill’s spyware being used to hack Jack’s phone. All kinds of his secrets are exposed to the world. The kidnapper holds one last secret about Jill’s husband. When the two men finally meet to exchange their partners, Jill demands to know the final secret. When the kidnapper finally has his wife, he reveals Jack’s last secret to Jill. The news is so devastating to her, she kills Jack. We are left wondering, never knowing, his secret.

Watched I Am Mother (2019)

This plays like a prequel sequel of The Terminator, if Sarah Connor were to be raised by the T-800 with a female voice. This film is a little more kitchen skink drama than action film, but it manages to hold your attention, and ask some interesting questions.

Watched Peelers (2016)

I have no idea why it’s called Peelers, but it’s all you’d expect from a movie that starts on the image of a strippers nipple. It’s not subtle, nor does it obey any real logic. It’s as grim as the effects created blood splatter, and half eaten woman who gets to meet her baby. In a world where you have to take the rough with the smooth, this is definitely taking a bit of rough.