I have one more thing to add to James O’Brien’s deconstruction of Amber Rudd, Peter Kirkham.

I would like to add this blistering attack of Theresa May by Peter Kirkham, former senior officer with MET police, following the 2017 attacks on London Bridge.


Is the Cambridge Analytica scandal cause enough to demand a second referendum?

Carole Chadwalladr’s piece in The Guardian outlines “what increasingly looks like a cover-up”. It sounds to me like laws have been broken, that the outcome of the referendum was manipulated, resulting in the vote to leave. On these grounds alone I would argue for a pause to Brexit proceedings until the truth can be clarified. It also raises the question, is this scandal cause enough to demand a second referendum?

Senior Tory MPs accused of accepting money from former Soviet states

I’d be interested to see where this goes, especially considering the Treasury Committee are launching a new inquiry into economic crime.