Mattha Busby’s bias

The article above by Mr Busby presents a deeply confused piece of opinion that conflates wrangles over Brexit with Mr McDonnel’s negative view of Winston Churchill. As if characterising Churchill as a villain somehow negates the Labour position on Brexit.

Ms Kuenssberg inject a squirts of capsaicin into the conjunctiva with her comment, “these remarks at @politic event could stir a lot of trouble.” Neither Ms Kuenssberg or Mr Busby quote Mr McDonnel correctly. He actually said Winston Churchill was “more villain than hero”. A subtle but substantial difference. Yes Churchill was a great wartime leader, but there are many more situations in which his actions could, at best, be described as villainous. Both parties could do worse than listen to the episode of Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History podcast “The Prime Minister and the Prof“. They might also like to take a few minutes to read Tom Heyden’s article “The 10 greatest controversies of Winston Churchill’s career“. Both offer a very different view of Churchill. Yes he did great things for this country, but he also had some very unsavoury attitudes, and took some “villainous” action. To wilfully ignore and misrepresent this aspect of Churchill is an act of “villainy” all of its own.


The Guardian: Damian Carrington: Plummeting insect numbers ‘threaten collapse of nature’

On the one hand this makes me very sad, and scared, and angry. We have the worst kind of self serving politicians trying to isolate us from Europe under the guise of trade with, who know? What they should be doing is finding ways to integrate, and partner with other countries to do something about this. On the other hand I look at this story and think there’s a great film in their somewhere. What happens when nature collapses?

Left Foot Forward: Prem Sikka: HMV is another example of how vulture funds have devoured the high street

A small insight into the labyrinthine corporate structures at work, not just in the UK, but around the world. A depressing read, especially for anyone working at HMV. The workforce are just cannon fodder for the generals of business warring for profit.

New Statesman: Peter Hain: No Deal is a dangerous fantasy – it is time for the Brexiteers to come clean

The Brexiteers know the disasters we are facing, they just don’t care. They don’t care because they have “faith”. Faith that the grass is greener outside of the European Union. That we will prosper if only we have faith to stay the course. There is one thing we should remember about people with faith; they are unshakable in their convictions. You can not argue facts and figures with them. They have their “faith”, and their “faith” will see them through. Brexiteers are fundamentalists, and like all fundamentalists they would rather do something suicidal than admit what they believe is wrong. You can unpick the logic, offer mountains of evidence, but as soon as they say “I believe” and the argument is over. It’s over because evidence based thinking is heresy. The problem from the start is that Remainers allowed the Brexiteers to frame the argument, and that argument was framed in the hyperbolic emotion of faith.