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Listening to You Must Remember This 139: Mary Astor’s Diary (Fake News: Fact Checking Hollywood Babylon Episode 13)


The Guardian: Paul Mason: Brexit is a failed project. Labour must oppose it

I agree with Mr. Mason’s analysis of the situation, “Brexit is a failed project.” Labour should “back a second referendum, and vote to remain.” You can imagine the mainstream media response. Labour does a massive u-turn. Labour betrays the people. But Labour has to step into the vacuum, and lead the country out of the mess caused by the Tories.

Listening to Slow Burn S2 Ep. 8: Move On

Listening to Slow Burn S2 Ep. 7: Bedfellows

The Sydney Morning Herald: Josh Dye: School students on mass strike to protest climate change inaction

Got to say I’m impressed by this.

TED: Chad Frischmann: Project Drawdown: 100 solutions to climate change

This TedTalk offers an antidote to the pessimism and apocalypse fatigue associated with the problem of global warming, Project Drawdown. “Drawdown is that point in time when the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere begins to decline on a year-to-year basis.” The project “is the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming.” They gathered together “a qualified and diverse group of researchers from around the world” to find answers. They modelled the one hundred of the most substantive solutions to address the problems. The thing is, most of the solutions already exist. Please watch the video, share it, and have a look around Project Drawdown website.

The Guardian: Caroline Davies: Harry Leslie Smith, vocal critic of austerity, dies aged 95

Only those who have experienced the real poverty understand the need for the Welfare State. Harry was one of those people. He will be missed.


The Washington Post: Eugene Robinson: The world is on fire – and Trump is playing with matches

The terms of the argument need to be changed. I would argue that the consequences of ignoring global warming isn’t some kind of “environmental vandalism on a tragic scale.” Trump isn’t playing with matches, he’s playing with a country sized flame thrower. Global warming is not vandalism. Vandalism implies something that can be undone, painted over, made good again. Ignoring, obfuscating, delaying and denying global warming is more akin to apocalyptic genocide.

The Guardian: Paul Mason: Liberals must learn the politics of emotion to beat right-wing populists

The Observer: Carole Cadwalladr: Parliament seizes cache of Facebook internal papers

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