Playlist 28 March 2018

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Playlist 27 March 2018

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New music

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Bert Jansch – Dreamweaver

Today Bert Jansch – Dreamweaver was uploaded to YouTube. I put it up purely for promotional purposes. I long since gave up hope of getting anything but the credit from this project. It’s something else that adds to my online tattoo.

Dreamweaver was made with no money, shot on borrowed cameras, and took more than a year to make. Late in the production we managed to get a meeting with the head of 4Music. On the back of that meeting we were given a slot on Channel 4, and enough money to pay the cost of post-production. Dreamweaver aired 28 June 2000.

It’s definitely one for the fans. There are full performances from Bert. No talking heads getting in the way of his playing. Not my choice. Personally I think that was a mistake, it detracts from what could have been a more fluid telling of his story, but that was the agreement the producer made with Bert, and those were the parameters I had to work within.


Addicted to albums

I drink beer. I only drink German beer, and to my good fortune the German brewers Beck’s have been running a promotion with the download service Napster. One bottle of beer gets you one track credit. Brilliant.

But for some reason I’m unable to buy one track at a time. I am compelled to buy albums. I know people fill their hard drives with an abundance of single tracks, but I just can’t do that. I like a track by a band and have to buy the album. Is it a generational thing? I know in the old days a single was only released so punters would buy the album, but the paradigm has changed. The iPod was created as a mobile jukebox. And the jukebox was the ultimate collection of singles popular at any one time.

It is my good fortune that the Beck’s/Napster promotion has been running long enough for me to be able to download multiple albums by The Velvet Underground, Grinderman, The Smiths, The Specials, The Last Shadow Puppets, Soft Cell, The Doors, The Human League, DJ Shadow, The Jesus And Mary Chain, Plan B, Bob Dylan, LCD Soundsystem, Prinzhorn Dance School, Sonic Youth and The Fall.

Not sure if the promotion has made me drink more beer. But it has allowed me to get more music. And that has to be a good thing.

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