The Conversation: Andrew Russell: Slow cinema

I’m not sure I agree with Mr Russell that “people are searching for ways to escape the fast pace of the modern world” and choosing slow cinema as a way to achieve this. Slow cinema is all about tension and release. Filmmakers build tension by making the audience wait. I suspect its popularity these days may have more to do with peoples habit of bingeing through ten hours of serialised drama. Audiences have more tolerance than ever for stories building over time.


Observer: Brandon Katz: Which Streaming Platform Will Emerge as Netflix’s Biggest Threat in 2019?

I’m gonna say Disney+, and whatever associated stream platforms it launches. With all of Disney’s recent acquisitions, Star Wars, Marvel, and Fox, it must have one the largest library of quality content available to any service. Drop into the mix decline of physical sales, sales Disney could withdraw from altogether. If they do, consumers be forced to use their platforms, thus making Disney the biggest threat to Netflix.