Watched The Siege of Jadotville (2016)

This falls into the category of lions led by lambs war film; soldiers with honour following the orders of idiots. As a film, the emotional kick in the guts that would’ve come from a fight to the last man, gets diluted by real life events. Still, there are solid performances from all concerned. It also helps that I was ignorant of the history.


Watched The Red Sea Diving Resort (2019)

It’s not quite Argo, but not bad. Where Argo has you gripped, with a certain will they won’t they escape jeopardy, this feels worthy. A righteous man being righteous.

Watched Brightburn (2019)

You can just hear the conversation that birthed this premise. It’s the kind of geek dive that would happen between Sheldon and Leonard on The Big Bang Theory, as the climb the stairs to their apartment. What would’ve happens to Superman if the Kent family hadn’t adopted him? Brightburn is what happens when Superman is brought up by a “normal” family. Definitely worth a watch.

Watched Bait (2012)

This is one of those so bad it’s good films. We laughed, we jumped, we said “oh my God, no way” a couple of times. A drink, and a snack, and no expectations, and you’ll have a good time.