Emily Scaife puts me in mind of Len Lye

I recently had an interview with The Plus to become one of their staff writers. It would be a great gig if I can get it. A chance to write about things that really interest me. You should take a look at the site if you’re at all interested in the arts.

While looking around their site I came across the work of Emily Scaife, a graduate of the Royal College of Art. Her images and animations feel to me like organic matter probing the digital universe.

Her work puts me in mind of Len Lye’s experimental films.

Lye was more interested in the kinetic than organic but for me both filmmakers share a similar vibrance.


The Guardian: Fergus Greer, courtesy of Michael Hoppen Gallery: Leigh Bowery’s most outrageous looks – in pictures

I’ve always found Leigh Bowery fascinating. A long time ago I was asked “which fashion designers do you like?” When I replied Leigh Bowery, the wannabe designer I was talking to looked at me and scoffed, “he’s not a designer.” These days I’d be inclined to agree with her. He wasn’t a fashion designer. He was something more interesting. An artist who used his body and fabrics as their medium.