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True Colours at the Newport Street Gallery

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True Colours at the Newport Street Gallery

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Tish Murtha: Works 1976 – 1991 at The Photographers’ Gallery

Alex Prager: Silver Lake Drive at The Photographers’ Gallery

Happy birthday to Jenny Holzer

Watch a film about Dazed’s #AddressTheNation project

Nightcrawling with Kerouac, Ginsberg and the beatniks – in pictures

Download Russian Futurist Book Art (1910-1915): The Aesthetic Revolution Before the Political Revolution

I’d always associated Futurism exclusively with the Italians. It’s interesting to see how it manifested in pre revolution Russia. You can see 144 of the publications at the State Public Historical Library of Russia.

The shady world of Vincent Bal

Maurizio Anzeri at the Saatchi Gallery

Known Unknowns at the Saatchi Gallery

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