The Beach House (2019)

A young couple try to mend their troubled relationship by taking a break at the titular beach house. There they meet an older couple, friends to father of the young man, and agree to share their stay at the house. As dusk falls the two couples share a meal, a drink, and eventually a bar of cannabis chocolate. Then a mysterious iridescent fog trips in from the sea. It’s hard not to see the influences and references to other films. It reminded me of Philip Kaufman’s masterpiece Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978). John Carpenter’s The Fog (1980). The early body horror films of David Cronenberg. All that said writer and director Jeffrey Brown has made something that manages to be something on its own. ‪There are some strong visuals, from a screenplay that only just over sells the premise, but is still smart enough not to explain everything. Thankfully leaving some room for enigma. Brown is another writer/director I’d be interested to see their next film. ‬


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