Hunters (2020– )

It’s hard to know where to start. The premise is compelling enough. An eclectic group of misfits hunt and kill Nazis in nineteen seventies America. Interesting idea, but not what provides the spice. It’s the tone of the show that’s gonna burn your tongue and make your sweat. It delves comedically into the post-war policy of providing top Nazis safe haven in the states. It deals seriously with the trauma of life for those who survived the camps. All the time walking a razors edge of distaste, courting offence on one side of the blade and accusations of trivialisation on the other. They pull it off by blending at high speed exploitation flick and genuine holocaust remembrance, mixing in a comic book paste, and splashing in a chillies sauce of dark satire, the kind you might find in Kurt Vonnegut novel. It’s not a cocktail for everyone, but if you like your entertainment with flavours, this will take you on a journey.


2036 Origin Unknown (2018)

I don’t know what to make of this low budget sciences fiction musing about the tension between humans and artificial intelligence. Visually it’s all a bit seventies practical effects. You can almost see the glue holding the props together. Personally I don’t mind this, it has a certain retro charm, but current audiences might find it a bit pants. The performers do their best with what they have, but are let down by a screenplay that’s a little on the nose. Where you should be discovering you’re taken to it. Where you should brushing up against enigma you’re given conclusions. Early films for both writer and director, that are reaching for something more than the usual cowboys in space. Interested to see what’s next from both.

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