Rewatched Carriers (2009)

This film seems more than relevant considering current events in China, and around the world. Flu like virus kills everyone it comes into contact with. The question for all concerned then becomes what would you do to survive? Anything possible seems to be the lesson.

Finished watching October Faction (2020– )

Husband and wife team of monster hunters take a sabbatical, and return with their two children, to the hometown where they grew up. Secrets are revealed as the families actions catches up to them. Overall the writing is a little loose. It lingers over some things, and rushes others. It’s all a little “young adult” for me, but it might find a fan base among some younger teens, maybe.

Watched The Love Witch (2016)

A massive pair of quotation marks dangle either end of The Love Witch. It’s as if whole thing’s been written in vibrant italics. It speaks in the style of those camp horror films of the late sixties, and early seventies. The question is why? I’m going to suggest distance. It creates a distance that initiates a dialogue. Contemporary ideas of love and female sexuality are unpicked like the stitching on a pair of knickers. Allowing the garment to be slowly pulled apart, and the bare arse exposed. We’re left with the feeling that the power dynamics between men and women are unchanged. Toxic expectations, desires, and behaviours poison the well. Passion is a killer. In the end it’s worth it for the surprising charm of something that looks this good.