Watched Hustlers (2019)

There’s a lot to like about this film. It has a strong female cast. It’s written and directed by a woman, and concentrates exclusively on the relationships between the female characters. The men are all weak in some way, driven by ego or insecurity, and of course their libido. Why else would they be in a strip club? They treat women with either contempt, something to be bought, or reverence, something to be worshipped. Never to be respected, or thought of as equal. The women exploit the weaknesses of men to get what they want, money. That’s the world. Men treat women badly. Women get their revenge by ripping men off. Ironically reinforcing the view that women are there to be exploited. I might be wrong about this but that’s the way it seems. These are independent women taking charge of their lives, but only in world where the relationships between men and women are always exploitative. Perhaps it’s best viewed as a story that takes stock rather than one offering a solution.


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