Watched Detention of the Dead (2012)

This film should be an 18. Thinking about it, all horror films should be 18. Especially those with flesh eating zombies. Where’s the horrific if it’s not an 18? Peter Jackson sets a great example with Braindead. Unfortunately this film lands somewhere between ironic and twee. It’s closer to a PG 13 than the gross bloody splatter needed to interest those old enough to vote.

Watched King of Thieves (2018)

This film is in love with mythologies. It’s less a story about the Hatton Garden robbery, and more a homage to the myth of movie gangsters played by the cast. The Hatton Garden plot is a distraction, a coat hook, to give hard men geezers one last job. I’d be more interested in a film about Charlie Croker as an old man, and how he knows Carlin, than a story about a real life robbery. That said, there’s still lots to like.

This’ll be interesting

Channel 4 News is “wading into the murky water of political ads online.” I for one will be very interested to see who is doing what? I would hope after the Cambridge Analytica scandal all the parties would be a little gun shy of “targeted” political advertising. But considering the players involved, particularly those in Tory circles, I suspect things are going to get shit covered very quickly. If you have shit thrown at you, email it to

Watched Wounds (2019)

Not sure what to make of this. It’s competent on all levels, but lacks a conclusion. Will is an arse at the beginning, and worse by the end. There’s no final image to show us what his new badness looks like. We don’t see him change, only know something has happened to him. Who is he after all this has happened to him?

Watched A Vigilante (2018)

This is a really engaging, powerful piece of filmmaking. It has a slow deliberate pace that makes you feel every tear soaked ounce of Sadie’s pain, and rage. In lesser, possibly male hands, this would end up being a cut-price cross between the A Team and Death Wish. Here it is a careful study of what it takes to find strength and resolve, from pain and grief.