Ken Clarke and Europe see though Boris Johnson. Do you?

A couple of days ago I watched Ken Clarke unpack Boris Johnson’s strategy towards the European Union. Clarke thinks Johnson wants to make no deal inevitable, while blaming the European Union, Parliament, and the Opposition. He will then fight a “flag waving” general election before anyone realises the vat of shit we’re in.

This morning I watched the interview with Philippe Lamberts on Channel 4 News. He confirmed everything and more that Ken Clarke said. Ken Clarke can see though Boris Johnson. The Europeans know what Boris Johnson is up to. Do you?

I find it interestingly that I could only find two clips of Ken Clarke’s comments on Twitter. Why is that? Ken Clarke’s analysis seems accurate. I know the news in chomping it’s way through the feast that is removing rebels, but to me that’s a distraction. It’s important but should be ignored. Why aren’t they unpacking Boris Johnson’s strategy the way Ken Clarke did?


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