Watched Another World (2014)

This was all kinds of pants. The baritone voiceover was pointless and lazy, and made me think is Mad Max, The Road Warrior. The ending is silly. We’re meant to believe that a strategic thinker like the Colonel would let himself be trapped, surrounded on the ground floor of a warehouse. I’m a sucker for an infected zombie film. Maybe you can be sucked in by this?


Watched Between Two Ferns: The Movie (2019)

Very funny. Hold out for the outtakes at the end. They’re the icing on the cake.

Watched Robin Hood (2018)

This plays like an episode of Arrow. It’s a comic book reimagining of the myth, that is reimagined through the lens of simplistic contemporary politics. It’s all broad strokes delivered with a three inch hogs hair brush, and little if any of the refinement possible with a number one sable point. Other than that, it were great.

Watched Occupation (2018)

This plays like a cross between Red Dawn (1984 & 2012) and Independence Day (1996). Aliens invaders are resisted by a bunch of misfits. All too easily resolved.

Prohibition hurts the environment

An answer prompted by Mike Power’s article in Vice: Getting High Is Damaging the Planet – But Mostly Because of Prohibition

It is no surprise that illegal drug production causes environmental problems. Prohibition is an act of alienation. It’s a policy that only makes sense when seen as justification for ever more intrusive policing strategy.

I would argue that prohibition has corrupted our relationship with drugs. Think about that for a moment. Every culture has a sacred substance, a drug that offers users a state of grace. How different is dropping a pill and dancing all night, from smoking peyote by the indigenous peoples of south America. I would say the only difference is location. When someone says they’re high, what do they mean? I’d say they’re referring to the heightened sate of being they’re experiencing. They’re seeing and feeling things at a heightened level. If you were being unkind, you’d call it escaping, otherwise you might think of it as seeking.

Prohibiting needs to be stopped because we need to reestablish a healthy, considered, relationship with drugs. One that sees drugs in context both socially and environmentally.