The Atlantic: Ed Yong: Spiders Can Fly Hundreds of Miles Using Electricity

This is a really interesting piece of science, that started the what-ifs in my head going.

I don’t think it’s enough to be a film, unless it’s some kind of superhero movie. It makes me think Magneto-Spider-Man. What if Magneto was female and has an affair with Spider-Man, and they had a child. It could be the child’s genesis story.

If expanded out I can imagine a world populated by warring clans of superheroes, the magnetics and the spiders. A spider finds love in the arms of a magnetic, Capulet versus Montague style.

Alternatively it would make a great piece on a science programme or one of those Be Amazed style videos.


NowThis: Scientists are reading this ancient document without having to open it or even touch it

This is definitely a great subject for a documentary. The only thing I would say is we need to find something explosive. The technique is fascinating, but it needs to offer an insight into a document that changes our understanding of the world.

Watched Annihilation (2018)

I know I’ve seen this film before. I watched it last year but much of what I saw this time felt new. It puts me in mind of Andrei Tarkovsky’s film Stalker (1979). This is less a musing on our insignificance, than an invasion story, but it shares something of Stalker’s pace, and a little of its melancholia. Much better than I first remember it.

Watched Vice (2018)

This might be one of the most interesting and insightful political films I’ve seen in a while. It feels both pertinent, prescient, and entirely relevant when viewed concurrently with the current politics situation. Despite being about recent American political history, it feels as if we could be talking about the current political situation in the UK. Definitely worth a watch.

Watched Another World (2014)

This was all kinds of pants. The baritone voiceover was pointless and lazy, and made me think is Mad Max, The Road Warrior. The ending is silly. We’re meant to believe that a strategic thinker like the Colonel would let himself be trapped, surrounded on the ground floor of a warehouse. I’m a sucker for an infected zombie film. Maybe you can be sucked in by this?

Watched Robin Hood (2018)

This plays like an episode of Arrow. It’s a comic book reimagining of the myth, that is reimagined through the lens of simplistic contemporary politics. It’s all broad strokes delivered with a three inch hogs hair brush, and little if any of the refinement possible with a number one sable point. Other than that, it were great.