Bait (2012)

This is one of those, so bad it’s good, films. We laughed, we jumped, we said “oh my God, no way” a couple of times. Watch with no expectations, and you’ll have a good time.


Mile 22 (2018)

This is a proper piece of unhinged, don’t know which way is up, thriller. Peter Berg really knows how to make androgynous macho films. The women have balls as big as the men. Oh, and Mark Wahlberg is great as the elastic band snapping, fast talking, manic, get the job done, hero. Not complicated, but fun to watch.

Salvage (2009)

By no means a perfect film, but it has the good sense to come in under ninety minutes. Falls very much into the category of single location, small cast, buckets of blood, monster movie. It uses the no light, deep shadows, to great effect, and doesn’t make the mistake of showing too much of the monster, who looks like an angry version of the Elephant Man.

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