Climax (2018)

Another strange walk through the primal urges of Gaspar Noe. A strange and beautiful version of life and death, heaven and hell, set to a disco beat. Less Disco 2000, more Studio 54.


Shaft (2019)

It is what it is. The laughs come from the play between the generations of Shaft, dealing with their shit in their own way. It wants to be a 21st Century blacksploitation film, but ends up being more like the diary of an ageing hard man.

Animal rights organisation L214 releases footage of cows with portholes


This animal rights group shared undercover footage of cows with “portholes” cut into their stomachs. We should not be treating animals this way.

Trailer: Samuel Goldwyn Films: Mapplethorpe

I’m interested to see Matt Smith play Robert Mapplethorpe. Smith has the angular features of Mapplethorpe, but will he be able to capture the transgressive spirit that is at the core of Mapplethorpe and his work?

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