The Guardian: Sam Levin: ‘Bias deep inside the code’: the problem with AI ‘ethics’ in Silicon Valley

There’s a lot to think about in Mr Levin’s article. Most interestingly that there was no such thing as “neutral” AI.

The idea that you can do AI or technical ethics without a point of view is silly … The bias is deep inside the code.

It’s obvious but until it’s called out, you’re not looking for it. And if you’re not looking for it, things will continue unchecked. It occurs to me that bias is our attempt to replicate the world in our image. It’s a survival mechanism, a hangover from our primal past. It’s interesting that in the discourse around these issues, people are being asked to evolve. But even those excluded because of bias, have their own bias. Surely the point is not to exclude all bias. That’s like trying to exclude oxygen from water. If you exclude oxygen, it’s not water. So logically we must, to be unbiased, include all of the biases.

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