The London Economic: Jack Peat: We are living under a Brexit dictatorship

Just let that idea sit with you for a moment; “the Tories have laid siege on British democracy.”


TED: Eldra Jackson III: How to break the cycle of toxic masculinity

Personally I am tired of masculinity, of men, of dealing with toxic men imposing their toxic will on me, and I’m a man. If you could see me writing this, you’d see me wince; choke on my tongue as the words “I’m a man” are written. The words man, men, masculinity, swirl around my head, and send my tongue into spasm. I can’t help it. I hate the institutions of masculinity. I hate the things it expects of me. Masculinity is a bully. Some are able to align themselves with the bully. Those people reap the rewards of this willingness to accept; money, power, and status. Others resist, not because they are consciously resisting, but because they don’t fit the paradigm; they’re too sensitive; too emotional; so weak. Those people spend their lives having their lunch money taken, and their faces ground into the dirt. The bully wants to see himself reflected in the world. When he doesn’t, masculinity urges him to overpower, subjugate, or destroy, those who are different. Those he categorises of as weak.