The Guardian: Aditya Chakrabortty: Tin-eared, blockheaded: Theresa May’s party is laying waste to its own voters

What strikes me about this story is how much it takes for people to realise. How much suffering did Ms Dorrell have to endured before she woke up to what the Tory party is doing? They were pushing ahead with the same policies when she “voted for them last time.” How many others, like Ms Dorrell, have voted and will continue to vote against their own interests? The blessing and the curse of her realisation is that she had to go through so much hardship before realising. The Tory party is doing what neoliberal govenments have been doing for decades, concentrating “wealth, power and opportunity in ever-fewer hands.” This country is a horse, a massive “Boxer” of a horse. Instead of rewarding his efforts with food, water, and care. They have strung him up, cut his throat, and watched while he empties of blood. The next step for Boxer is the glue factory. They want to wring every last penny from him. I hope Ms Dorrell is right, that the “Tories are screwed for a generation”, but who knows? She punctuates her assertion with a moment of self doubt, a question, “aren’t they?” She knows her “kids will grow up knowing they’ve been screwed over by that lot.” What she doesn’t know is if “that lot” will be allowed to keep “laying waste to its own voters.”


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