The Guardian: Owen Jones: The mood has shifted – now Corbyn really can transform the economy

The key line from Mr. Jones is that “by demanding more boldness from Labour, the political debate can be shifted further left still.” I’m sure it can. But it will be met with even more hostility from the right. How do you combat that? Telling the truth doesn’t work. Because it’s not just about appealing to the head, it’s about appealing to the heart, and more importantly the gut. The problem the left has is that it is very good at winning the intellectual argument. It just isn’t as good at hitting people in the gut. The jingoism of the right hits people where it hurts; and they carry it, remember it, act on it. The left needs to find a way to grab people by the intestines. Only when they learn to do that will they be able to take a parliamentary majority with them.

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