The Guardian: Ahmad Samih Khalidi: Siding with the Palestinian struggle is not antisemitic

Criticising the state of Israel is not criticising Jews.

Hereditary (2018)

Super spooky. Like Rosemary’s Baby for the twenty first century.


The revolutionaries of Algiers

Andrew Hussey reviews Elaine Mokhtefi’s book “Algiers, Third World Capital: Freedom Fighters, Revolutionaries, Black Panthers” in The New Statesman paints a picture of Algiers as a “hotbed of political and cultural activity as idealistic foreigners flocked there to help build a new world in the experimental nation”.

The New Statesman

“Mokhtefi, née Klein, was a young Jewish woman from Brooklyn” is compelling as the political activist, “working as a translator for a variety of anti-colonial causes”. The story has potential as the subject of screenplay.

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